Current Noahsploit workspace

One of the most important things for me when working from home is having the right tools. So, let's start with my main device - the computer.


OSWindows 10 Home 64-bit
ProccessorIntel Core i5-5100 5th Gen
RAM8GB 3600Mhz DDR4
Storage500 GB

This computer may not have the latest specs, but it runs incredibly fast and smooth! It's perfect for web development, even for larger or heavier projects.

The 8GB of RAM also ensures that multitasking is a breeze!

Support Device

With my trusty MacBook Pro M2 as my backup work companion, I've the freedom to work from anywhere.

Its powerful performance and long battery life ensure that productivity knows no bounds, whether I'm at a coffee shop or exploring remote locations.

It also helps me perform comprehensive compatibility checks for websites on the Safari browser, which is exclusive to Mac devices.

I also have an iPhone, which comes in handy for checking website compatibility specifically on Safari mobile.


The dual monitor setup maximizes my web development workflow. I can code on one screen while previewing live on the other — no more Alt + Tab necessary for faster, more efficient work!

Need a website with extra wide breakpoint? I've got you covered with my ultrawide monitor.


ModelMi Curved Monitor 34"
ResolutionsWQHD 3440x1440
Aspect ratio21:9
Refresh rate144 Hz


ModelMi Desktop Monitor 27"
ResolutionsFHD 1920x1080
Aspect ratio16:9
Refresh rate75 Hz


KeyboardRexus Daiva RX-D68
MouseRexus Xierra X15
Pen TabletOne by Wacom

Conferencing Devices

MicrophoneRode Podmic (Dynamic)
HeadphoneSamson SR850
Audio interfaceEVO 4 by Audient


Internet50Mbps WiFi